Express Yourself Naturally With Dramatics

Self-expression has many forms and dramatics is one way a person can express himself or herself in an innate way. Dramatics involves the portrayal of self or any other person in a fantasy situation and enacting the role of a character is no small feat. One needs to showcase inner thoughts and feelings perfectly in order to be a better actor. For those who want to study dramatics and dream to make a career in acting, it is important to get the performing art education right from the childhood.


When children are exposed to the wonderful world of dramatics, they learn to explore a new world by expressing themselves spontaneously. They learn to describe themselves through facial expression and their body language such as posture. The right posture and facial expression helps boost the self-confidence of a person. Apart from expressing themselves, children learn to imagine and think creatively.


Drama Courses help in Achieving Academic Excellence

For children who want to excel in academics, drama lessons offer many benefits such as increase in concentration, attention to details and good communication skills. Various studies have proved that if drama activities are integrated with lessons, the result is manifold and the retention of lesson increases. Students can be motivated to learn new and tedious subjects through the use of dramatics. Through workshops conducted by Helen Nadel’s Institute of Theatre and Performing Arts, young children can learn acting skills.


Dramatics help in Developing Important Life Skills

Giving the gift of drama classes can increase your child’s concentration and a child learns to pay attention while exploring inner thoughts. Dramatics is an art of manifesting each and every thought and emotion in front of the audience. Children who learn dramatics can also hone their public speaking skills as well. They can learn the intonation and voice modulation techniques as well which is required for effective public speaking. The systematic study of dramatics and regular theatre practice can improve the oral communication and interaction with peers. Children, who lack social skills, can benefit immensely from drama lessons and theatre workshops conducted by Helen Nadel’s Institute of Acting and Performing Arts.


Dramatics and Acting has Amazing Career Prospects

For teens and adults who have natural acting talent and want to foray in the field of theatre, film or television, acting and drama lessons unleash many opportunities and help them prepare for a brighter tomorrow. With the help of advanced training methods as well as proper improvisation techniques, they can even get success in auditions for admission to top drama courses.


Helen Nadel is a life coach and a singing teacher. Helen and her staff have proudly allowed for children to become so good at their craft that the kids who sing, dance and act, or two out of the three, often perform as series regular actors on major shows on television. The children enjoy the ability to sing previously rehearsed material, and they also gain improvisation skills in actually both singing and acting.


Participation in the Arts Helps Your Children Learn

For years, parents and educators have been told that children’s participation in the arts help develop their brains in ways that enhance learning. A research consortium has identified that the arts can enhance how the mind performs many tasks needed to be successful in school. While the results are not totally conclusive, they do have many researchers, educators and parents enthusiastic to learn more through additional research.For years, parents and educators have been told that children’s participation in the arts help develop their brains in ways that enhance learning. A research consortium has identified that the arts can enhance how the mind performs many tasks needed to be successful in school. While the results are not totally conclusive, they do have many researchers, educators and parents enthusiastic to learn more through additional research.


This groundbreaking study is invaluable for parents and educators as they wrestle with determining the most effective environments for children to grow mentally and academically. As school systems throughout the country reduce art programs in school, the consortium’s findings show encouraging results that point to the importance of art as an avenue to enhance learning.


According to the Dana Foundation, the research has resulted in some of the following findings:

  • Children who studied music intensively (20 or more hours a week) versus other types of arts and sports training have enhanced abilities in math
  • The more musical training children have, the greater their improvement in reading
  • Children who practice their art intensely enhance their ability to focus attention, which impacts their ability to learn
  • When you consider having your children participate in the arts, you should first focus on how they will enjoy it personally and master their art for the joy of it. Only then should you consider how it will help them in the logic, math and language world of school. Your children’s motivation to master their art will naturally lead to developing their minds in ways that improve learning.


Helen Nadel is a teacher of the arts. She works with children age 3 to 18. Her Institute is located in Orange, CA.


Helen enjoys working with children who are at times fidgety or shy. Yet, she sometimes has to turn down kids who are unable to follow directions, and too shy to be able to function within the outstanding environment created with outstanding instructors who work in film, television, commercial and print.

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Dance Instructions by Helen Nadel Which Nurture A Child’s Potential

Little ones, young and vibrant treasures which unquestionably, will always be brimming with life. They express their minds and inner thoughts by using acts. Dads and moms could tell their children’s thoughts in the way they move or simply the way they act. This will be exactly the particular reason why engaging your children in performing arts such as dance classes and singing courses is significant in their formation.


Helen Nadel a performing art teacher and her staff are working for the all round development of children especially in performing art such as acting, dancing, singing etc as a result the children trained at Helen Nadel premiere institution, fare extremely powerfully in the film, and TV commercial industry.


Training at Helen’s Institute for dance for youngsters focuses on developing a child’s intellectual, physical, and social along with psychological well-being. Dance stimulates the little one’s mental processes; it kindles a child’s imagination by using expression of various kinds of types of body movements. It builds a child’s social abilities; he discovers to talk to other people. He gets to fully grasp the value to be confident enough to express his ideas and then hear other individuals who say their minds, too. Later on, he grows to come up with very best way to blend these opinions together in order to make things: in this case, dance movements and techniques that are truly extraordinary.


Nurturing a kid’s emotional development also happens to be one appeal of performing arts. He develops his self esteem and independence. He understands that he’s capable to accomplish excellent achievements by himself, and such victory is possible for as long as he does his best. You possibly can find several of dance lessons at Helene’s Institute your child can easily master inside a dance class. Break dancing, hip-hop and street dancing are dances which have attained popularity among young children and the teens. Break dancing, for example, is made up of four components which form breaking: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.


Toprock include the dance moves executed on a standing position. Downrock is accomplished on the floor with the hands supporting the dances just as much as the feet. Power steps include the athletic moves. And lastly, freezes are cool poses that demand a dancer to suspend his body in the air utilising upper-body strength.


While ballet strikes the attention of girls, it might be actually possible for young boys to learn this art of dancing. It requires strength, body flexibility in conjunction with alertness. Ballet dancers manage to run, kick, and bounce onstage without actually clashing with the other person because of the highly-developed kinesthetic sense.


Jazz is another type of dance that is very often been mentioned as an inspiration to other dances such as hip-hop, ballet and lyrical. It includes an assortment of techniques which include center control, spotting and pointing. Center control requires taking into account the center of balance as the point from which movements begin. Spotting is the skill to maintain balance and control while doing spins without becoming really dizzy. Pointing is the term used whenever performers stretch their ankles and point their feet.

They are simply just some style of dances youngsters can learn as a way to make their early days pleasant and productive.


For more info you can consult with Helen Nadel. She proudly has allowed for children to become so good at their craft that the kids who dance and act, or two out of the three, often perform as series regular actors on major shows on television. So she can definitely help you.
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Good Breathing Method: Tips by Helen Nadel to Sing Better

According to some studies, you can gain a longer life and great health depending on how good you are at breathing! It just sounds ridiculous right? However, this is very true. There is a proper way of breathing. And doing this can make you fit and healthy while making you a better singer.


In order to have a good foundation in singing; you have to learn how to breathe properly by using a good breathing method. The stable and continuous flow of air is what makes the sound we make in singing great. Your singing as well as duration, capacity and strength will have better quality if you learn how to control the flow of air which will enable you to control your singing amazingly.


Relaxation techniques specifically on quiet inhalations should be included in a good breathing method. In order to relax your muscles that border the vocal cords, you have to do some exercises and stretches. These include yawning while you are inhaling and exhaling.


Deeply take a breath by using your diaphragm. The diaphragm is a strong muscle that is located below the sacs of our lungs. Get to feel it, you have to feel your rib cage as well as the abdominal area expand as your diaphragm presses on them. This will enable your lungs to take more air in. And then, exhale with your lips pursed together.


You have to repeat doing these exercise 4 counts on inhaling as well as exhaling. Keep in mind that you also have to consider doing the quiet inhalation of air with the use of yawning exercise. It can be very useful to do this method. Even though it may not be much needed on voice placement, it is very helpful since it helps the muscles relax to inhale air quietly and fast. While you are doing you vocal exercises, try pushing your belly muscles outward.


For you to see if you are doing it properly, try to put some books above your belly or lie flat on the floor and breathe. If you see that the book is raised while you breathe, then that it just quite right and keep at it. Develop these proper habits and ask someone who has the experience to guide you if you find it hard. It is important to do so because getting rid of bad habits is difficult to do. So spend some time in training or rehearsing. To have a good control over your breathing and form good breathing habits, do this good breathing method (the books on the belly part is excluded).


While you are doing the exercise, avoid some movements like moving your head, neck and shoulders. Your chin should just be positioned on its normal level, not beyond or below. Effortless and natural – that is the best description of breathing properly.


It is a very crucial part to develop your singing skills by using a good breathing method. You have to practice constantly and have the determination to learn. You can achieve your dream of becoming a better singer if you are just patient.


Helen Nadel is a Musician, Recording Artist, a Song Writer and Much More. With a staff of dedicated actors, Helene Goldnadel has been the precursor of new methods which have been allowing the children to improve in any and all performance based endeavors. HG Nadel has been working with children in voice placement, voice projection and has kept countless young performers from the painful damage which vocalist experience when they do not sing from the diaphragm.

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